Tube Amplifier and kit
P&C AMP and kit Common Specifications
Transformer Used the core of the WE.
Chassis 1.6t Irons (only 211SingleStereo 2t)
Resistors Less 2W : Allen Bradley , More then 2W : DALE or JPN
Coupling Capacitors BlackBeauty, Westcap, Gudeman etc.
Connecting Wire WE or Belden single
Shielded Wire American Silver-plated Teflon or WE Shielded
There is a photo and to change the specification of the actual amp.Please acknowledge it.

▼6V6 Chassis(and Kits)
6V6 Single Stereo 45 Single Stereo

>Line Pre Amplifier
20B Line Control Amplifier WE104 type CDLine Control Amplifier

>Power Amplifier
45 pp Stereo Mk1 45 pp Stereo Mk2 PX25 Single Stereo
WE293A PP Stereo 45 PP Mono 50 PP Mono
PT15 Single Stereo Emission Labs 45/2A3 Single Stereo Emission Labs 300B-XLS Single Stereo
6L6/WE350B Single Stereo 300B Single Stereo Mk2 211 Single Stereo
212 Single Stereo 211Single Booster Amp

>WE Amplifier Copy Siries

300B Push-Pull Mono, WE131 type Power AMP, WE104 type Line Control AMP
We use for WE Winding resistance or WE Cap much for Mark1,2

WE91AMP Replica WE131 type Power Amplifier

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